Rauny and Ron(non-registered)
So great to see your photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you inspire me
where are you??
John Woods(non-registered)
Hello Karyl, been too long since I've seen you, how are you doing? Hope all is well and you're still clicking away. I retired last year and have lots more time to play with the camera now. Put the link below to some of my recent Mountaineers Photo Group images. I also have a site with SmugMug. john woods.smugmug.com Glad I found your site, looks great. Take care.

Bill Briggs(non-registered)
Great making contact with you again. Looking forward to stopping by for visit this year.
Great photos, as usual.
Sandy Olsen(non-registered)
Your scenic photography is beautiful. I love your B&W's.. Just gorgeous work.. I think that is definitely your calling.. I feel you should stick with landscapes and structure photography only.. That's where your talent lies.. Just beautiful!
Annette peck(non-registered)
Hey Girlfriend!!! Glad to see you are doing so well in your chosen profession. Your photos are stunning as usual :) . I will be calling you soon to catch up. Love and hugs to you both.
Andie Stevens(non-registered)
Karyl: I stumbled upon this website. Your SW photos are amazing. Before I moved, I kept all of my assignment photos from your classes. What a wonderful way to be introduced into this world. I'm glad you saw something in me that proved that I was a photographer ... not just someone taking pictures.
Jene' Holte(non-registered)
OMG! Amazing photographs! It's a joy to see your work! God needed you to capture his beautiful works of nature and the people he's put into it. Love the senior photos too!
Phil Dyer(non-registered)
Hi Karyl
Love your website. Some images looked quite familiar. I wonder why :)) You've done a great job to show off that wonderful part of Oregon.
Terri Tye(non-registered)
Awesome job on the website!
Jackie Fleming(non-registered)
All I can say is WOW!!! Incredible photos. You have such a great gift.
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